3/7/21 - Goals and Vision

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope that your guys are having an awesome and beautiful day.  
I wanted to take few moments of your time to introduce myself as well as share some of the my goals/visions for the The Candle Chef Academy as we navigate into the upcoming quarter of 2021.

For those who do not know me, my name is Charmin.  Lets go ahead and address the big elephant in the room. Yes, I am named after toilet paper.  To this day, my parents still can't give me a reason why they named me Charmin besides the fact it was the only name they could think of out of billions of others of names.  Nevertheless, I love my name and people always ask me the million-dollar question. Am I squeezable soft? 

I have been doing candles for a little over a year now, and I absolutely love it.  It brings me so much peace and joy which I'm sure that many of you can relate to.  I have learned so much from being just a member of the Candle Chef Academy. My candles techniques and sales have improved at an overwhelming rate.  I can still remember my first vending event and I sold out of everything thing.

When I first joined the Candle Chef Academy, I honestly didn't know what to expect because I was already apart of a few other groups and the experience was interesting.  Never in a million years did I think that the Candle Chef Academy would become family.  

I am honored to be apart of the admin team so that I get to pour back into others what the Candle Chef Academy has poured into me; inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.  

My goal and vision for the Candle Chef Candle Academy is to create innovative growth by providing the necessary tools for success.  

I'm currently working on ebook 8 and will have ebooks 9-12 done before the end of the month.  

Also, starting this month, our first Candle Chef of the Month Will be Announced.  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.  


Chef Charmin


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  • Thank you for sharing about your journey and passion! I am so appreciative to be able to learn from you along with The candle Chef! You have done so much already to help lift up your fellow Chefs! Thank you for all that you do Chef Charmin!!!

    Kristy Interian on
  • Thanks for all you do as part of The Candle Chef Academy admin team! You are beautiful and I love your name! My sister in law is named Charmin too! So, I love it! Looking forward to future blogs, ebooks and creations! I love The Candle Chef Academy and happy to be part of the family!!!🤩💜

    Cathy Crawford on

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