10/19 Ups and Downs

Posted by andrew delacroix on

So Saturday I tripped in the parking lot coming back to my booth at the market and was carrying a window AC unit. We both went tumbling and I landed on the AC unit corner right in my ribs. I cracked 2 ribs. Didn't hurt at first, but I couldn't reach up, or breath heavy so I went to Doc and got the x-ray. Hair line fractures. 

Market went great! Thank you Alana for the wonderful pictures, and selling half our inventory! You did such a great job this weekend. 

I love our booth, and its ours to decorate, so stay tuned for me transforming the booth into a mini bakery! 


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  • I am praying for a speedy recovery chef!!

    Nikki Riley on
  • sorry to hear about your incident aww mann right during the market, well get some rest, heal and recover soon…wow sad to hear that but glad to hear it went well

    Melinda R Maddox on

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