The Candle Chef is Under Quarantine

Posted by andrew delacroix on

I have developed severe Covid 19 symptoms, and went for a test. I will be under self quarantine for 10 days, 15 if positive. And may be submitted for hospital stay if my symptoms worsen. 

I will be continuing to make orders and candles, and carefully sanitizing all stations and surfaces and candles before storing to wait out the contagious period for 10 days. Normal contagion period is 5 days but I want to be extra safe and not spread to my customers. 

I am sorry for the delay in orders, and realize this couldn't have came at a worse time when I have due dates for so many orders. 

I will resume shipping the 15th of November after carefully sanitizing candles and all surfaces of the house during my quarantine. 

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  • I hope you feel better soon. Sending prayers your way. 🙏

    Sonya on
  • Andrew we put you on the prayer chain we will continue praying till you recover love you brother hang in there Victor

    Victor Bostwick on

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