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The Candle Chef

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There are 12 videos and ebook courses starting from video 1 - Ordering Supplies to 12 - Business needs


1 -  Getting started - Everything you need to know to get started ordering

2 - Silicone Molds and Embeds - Learn how to make silicone molds, buy premade, make models for molds, and doing embeds for your candles

3 - Piping and Cupcakes - In this course I show you how to pipe with wax, do cupcakes, and even some extra candles like crust less pies

4 - Sundaes and Desserts - I show you 5 examples of sundaes you can do plus a bonus how to make realistic cinnamon buns. 

5 - Soy and Gel Drink Candles - In this video and ebook I show you how to make soy daiquiris, half and half drinks, and the super popular Gel/Soy Fusion drinks. I also show you how to make margaritas and tropical drinks. 

6 - Cheesecakes and Mini Cakes - This Ebook and video cover a new method of cheesecake melts in a pan with realistic cheesecake marbling, whipped cream dollops, Whole cheesecakes, and a little into slices. (in progress with the slices) 

7 - Signature Pies - This Ebook and video goes over how to make pie crusts, embeds, and pie candles. I love this one, my favorite!

8 - Taking photos and packaging examples - In this ebook I go over how to take awesome photos of your products and a couple tips and tricks on packaging 

9 - Advertising and Marketing - Now that you have candles now what? In this ebook I show you how to advertise and choose your markets to sell on

10 - Cost and Pricing - Retail pricing, cost analysis, templates to calculate your costs and price your candles, wholesale pricing, white label, and figuring in labor and advertisements. 

11 -  Packing and Shipping - Packing and shipping can be difficult with dessert candles, in this ebook I show you some tips and tricks to safely pack and ship your beautiful delicate candles. 

12 - Business - When to get LLC, Insurance and other business processes. 

So there's something for everyone, the beginner and the advanced. 

Email - for questions! ~AJ The Candle Chef