Patreon Dessert Candle School

To register for the Dessert Candle School and get access to all of the benefits you will need to sign up on my Patreon as a Tier 3 membership. If you are wanting to attend the classes you must be signed up as a Tier 3 Patron by November 30th. Membership is $48 a month to which you get access to all the how to videos I will be uploading till the school starts on December 1, and you will be able to go to all the live classes in December. 

There are a lot of perks to being a tier 3 patron including early access to silicone molds, embed discounts, coachings, live classes, past current and future videos, Recipe PDFs and more. 

Email me AJ The Candle Chef at any questions you have on Patreon and or the classes and kits coming up. 

To Register for the ongoing monthly school here is the link *kits are down below:


Pro Food Candle Starter Kit: Order Here

Food Candle Wick Kit: Order Here

Food Candle Fragrance Oil Kit: Order Here

Dye Kit: Order Here

Cupcake Class Kit: Coming Soon

Pie Class Kit: Coming Soon

Cake Class Kit: Coming Soon

Sundae Class Kit: Coming Soon

Available kits for classes: 

More kits will become available soon! 

1. Wax Kit 

Order Here

Supplies Included:

4 different waxes
•6028 - 8 lbs
•High Density Gel Wax- 4 lbs
•Soy 444- 4 lbs
•4625 - 2 Lbs

• 4 Lb Pouring Pitcher

2. Wick Kit

Order Here

This Wick kit includes:

10- Eco 2

50- Eco 4

25- Eco 6

25- Eco 8

10- Eco 10

15- Ultra Core 2.07

25- Ultra Core 2.30

15- Ultra Core 3.00

15- CD 8

15- CD 10

15- CD 12

3. Fragrance Oil Kit

Order Here

This kit includes:


4 oz  Strawberry

4 oz Cherry

4 oz  Southern Pecan

4 oz Chocolate

4 oz Buttercream

4 oz  Blackened Raspberry Vanilla

4 oz Blackberry

4 oz Banana

4 oz Pineapple

4 oz Hot Apple Pie

4 oz Cinnamon Vanilla

4 oz Pina Colada

4 oz Tropical Paradise

4 oz Blueberry Pie

4 oz Georgia Peaches

4. Dye Kit

 Order Here

4 oz Chocolate Brown

4 oz Yellow

1 oz Blueberry

1 oz Red

1 oz Cranberry

1 oz Black

1 oz Green Apple

1 oz Royal Blue