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Cereal Embeds - Apple Jack Rings

Cereal Embeds - Apple Jack Rings

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Apple Jacks Embeds for Dessert Candle Creation: An Orchard of Sensory Bliss

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Journey through orchards and childhood breakfast tables with our Apple Jacks Embeds, an aromatic and visual delight designed for the discerning dessert candle maker. These intricate embeds are crafted using our exclusive 6028 wax formula—a perfect synergy of soy and paraffin specifically engineered for silicone molds. Each piece is a miniaturized, sensory-packed wonder, imbued with the fragrance of Apple Harvest for an intoxicatingly fresh and fruity aroma.

Crafted for artisans and novices alike, these embeds are not mere components but sensory gateways into memories of apple picking and cozy mornings. Each whiff and flicker serves as a tale in your olfactory and visual narrative, elevating the art of candle-making into an emotionally resonant experience.

Sizes and Yield

  • 3 oz Sample: Ideal for crafting a small candle that encapsulates the sweet and tart essence of a ripe apple orchard.

  • 1 lb Bag: Suitable for creating 6-8 candles that bring forth the fragrant whispers of fresh apples.

  • 2 lb Bag: Perfect for enthusiasts and hobbyists, this size can yield 12-16 candles resonating with the vibrant tunes of an apple orchard.

  • 3 lb Bag: Your artisanal partner for vibrant farmers' markets or cozy boutique inventories, capable of yielding 20 candles that sing the fragrant hymns of harvest time.

  • 5 lb Bag: Designed for the master craftsman with an ambitious scope, this size allows the creation of 35 robust, apple-scented candles that tell a story with each flame.

Key Features

  • Exquisite 6028 Wax: Our signature blend of soy and paraffin wax is meticulously formulated for seamless molding.

  • Harvest Fresh Aroma: Scented with Apple Harvest, each embed captures the juicy allure and crisp air of an apple orchard in full bloom.

  • Scale Without Compromise: Whether crafting in small batches or in bulk, you don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of sensory richness or artistic integrity.

  • Prompt Shipping: Creativity waits for no one, which is why we ensure rapid shipping on all orders.

Why Choose Our Apple Jacks Embeds?

Every Apple Jacks Embed carries the legacy and promise of The Candle Chef LLC—a journey from humble beginnings to an emporium of sensory delights. When you choose these embeds, you're choosing to craft candles that go beyond mere function, becoming eloquent narratives of fragrance, emotion, and life’s simple joys.

Let the tantalizing scent of Apple Harvest infuse your creations with the aura of autumnal abundance and year-round comfort. Choose Apple Jacks Embeds and bring your candle-making art to life, one extraordinary aroma at a time.

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