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Cereal Candle / Case of 18 / Apple Jacks / Wholesale / Free Shipping

Cereal Candle / Case of 18 / Apple Jacks / Wholesale / Free Shipping

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Box of 18 Artisan Apple Jacks Candles - 13 oz Each Price: $223

Celebrate the bounty of the harvest season with our exquisitely crafted Apple Jacks Candles. A symphony of aromas awaits, as we've paired the nostalgic scent of Apple Jacks with the rich, layered tones of Apple Harvest, evoking memories of orchards brimming with ripe apples on crisp autumn mornings.

Key Features:

  • Size & Burn Time: Each elegantly designed candle holds a generous 13 oz volume, accompanied by 3 meticulously placed wicks to provide a burn time of approximately 80 hours.

  • Quality Blend: Melding the benefits of natural soy with the visual charm of paraffin-blended embeds, we've ensured a premium burn and mesmerizing aesthetic.

  • Artistic Presentation: Housed in a clear windowed bakery box, the candle's vibrant hues and design are showcased to perfection. Gentle tissue paper packaging ensures that each candle reaches you in pristine condition.

  • Secure Transport: A snug lid accompanies each candle, safeguarding the delicate Apple Jacks embeds during their journey to your doorstep.

  • Detailed Labeling: Each candle is adorned with a bespoke label, highlighting its unique fragrance and character. For those with a penchant for minimalism, a white label alternative is accessible upon request. Simply drop us a message on Facebook – you'll find the link at the foot of our website.

  • Retail Opportunity: Offered at $223 for the complete case, and with a recommended retail price of $24.99 per candle, this delightful collection presents a potential revenue of $449.82.

Ideal for Every Occasion: Our Apple Jacks Candles, suffused with the aroma of Apple Harvest, are an olfactory journey that bridges the gap between memories and the present. Whether you're new to the magical world of handcrafted candles or a seasoned retailer, these gems have continually resonated with audiences far and wide. Allow the tantalizing blend of fresh apples with a hint of spice to permeate your ambiance, and immerse in the unmatched craftsmanship, dedication, and warmth that radiates from each and every candle.

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