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Cereal Embeds - Coco Puff + Marshmallow

Cereal Embeds - Coco Puff + Marshmallow

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Coco Puffs Embeds with marshmallows for Dessert Candle Creation: A Velvety Encounter of Chocolate and Craftsmanship

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Indulge your senses in the luxurious allure of our Coco Puffs Embeds, a masterstroke in the art of dessert candle-making. Each embed is painstakingly crafted from our custom-blended 6028 wax—a perfect alliance of soy and paraffin tailored for silicone molds—and infused with the soul-warming aroma of Hot Chocolate. The result is nothing short of olfactory decadence: a sensory journey reminiscent of winters by the hearth and cherished moments of childhood bliss.

Whether you're an aspiring candle artist or a seasoned craftsman, these embeds are a voyage into a realm where art meets nostalgia. They are not mere ingredients; they are aromatic storytellers, eloquently capturing the rich tapestry of emotions linked to the simple yet profound experience of savoring a cup of hot cocoa.

Sizes and Yield

    • 3 oz Sample: Ideal for crafting a small candle that encapsulates the sweet and tart essence of a ripe apple orchard.

    • 1 lb Bag: Suitable for creating 6-8 candles that bring forth the fragrant whispers of fresh apples.

    • 2 lb Bag: Perfect for enthusiasts and hobbyists, this size can yield 12-16 candles resonating with the vibrant tunes of an apple orchard.

    • 3 lb Bag: Your artisanal partner for vibrant farmers' markets or cozy boutique inventories, capable of yielding 20 candles that sing the fragrant hymns of harvest time.

    • 5 lb Bag: Designed for the master craftsman with an ambitious scope, this size allows the creation of 35 robust, apple-scented candles that tell a story with each flame.

Key Features

  • Signature 6028 Wax: A specialized blend of soy and paraffin, calibrated for an optimal molding experience.

  • Cocoa Embrace: Envelop your senses in the creamy, luxurious aroma of Hot Chocolate, a scent so authentic it’s almost palpable.

  • Bulk Crafting Excellence: These embeds allow for large-scale production without diminishing the integrity, quality, or sensory richness of each individual piece.

  • Swift Shipping: We know that inspiration is a fleeting muse, which is why we offer rapid shipping on all orders.

Why Choose Our Coco Puffs Embeds?

The Coco Puffs Embeds are more than a product; they’re a testament to the transformative power of art, resilience, and sensory exploration. When you choose these embeds, you're choosing to craft candles that are not just beautiful but emotionally resonant, each one illuminating spaces with stories, comfort, and the promise of homely warmth.

Dive into the rich world of dessert candle-making with our Coco Puffs Embeds and craft not just candles, but encapsulated memories that warm the heart and delight the senses.

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