Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies - DIY Embeds For Candle Making

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Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie Wax EmbedsMade by Bluff City Handcrafted in collaboration with The Candle Chef. Bluff City Handcrafted Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie wax embeds are molded from real sugar cookies and given a cotton candy colored twist. Definitely scoring a 10 in the cuteness department. Each cookie weighs approximately .5oz to .65oz of wax so please order accordingly. Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie Wax Embeds are sold by wax weight. Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies are a parasoy wax based product. Fragrance load is kept at 8% to work with a variety of candlemakers needs. Every attempt is made to show you the type of product you are ordering with pictures of size, shape and color variances. This is a handmade product and while they will be similar, no two batches will be identical.

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