Video 1 of 12 TCCA Training Course - Getting Started

The Candle Chef

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Video Release Date: February 1st 2021

This is the first course of the training and will be needed if you would like to get supplies for the course, and set up to make dessert candles. 


Chapter 1

Ordering Supplies : I will cover all the supplies needed for the whole training course. This will be an extensive list and I will provide the best way to keep your costs down when getting your supplies. Suppliers and tips to ordering will also be provided.

Chapter 2

Waxes Wicks & Dyes : I will be explaining all the different waxes wicks and dyes I use throughout the course for all classes and videos, where to get them, and what they are used for. 

Chapter 3

Candle Work Station : I will go through my Candle and Silicone work stations and explain how I utilize these work areas to make dessert candles. 

Chapter 4

Photo Studio : In this chapter I will go over a couple things that will enhance the quality of your pictures and presentation on Product Photos. 

Questions about enrollment: E-mail AJ The Candle Chef -