TCCA 1 - Training Course - Getting Started

TCCA 1 - Training Course - Getting Started

The Candle Chef

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This is the first course of the training and will be needed if you would like to get supplies for the course, and set up to make dessert candles. 


Chapter 1

Ordering Supplies : I will cover all the supplies needed for the whole training course. This will be an extensive list and I will provide the best way to keep your costs down when getting your supplies. Suppliers and tips to ordering will also be provided.

Chapter 2

Waxes Wicks & Dyes : I will be explaining all the different waxes wicks and dyes I use throughout the course for all classes and videos, where to get them, and what they are used for. 

Chapter 3

Candle Work Station : I will go through my Candle and Silicone work stations and explain how I utilize these work areas to make dessert candles. 

Chapter 4

Photo Studio : In this chapter I will go over a couple things that will enhance the quality of your pictures and presentation on Product Photos. 

Questions about enrollment: E-mail AJ The Candle Chef -