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Cereal Embeds - Honey Comb

Cereal Embeds - Honey Comb

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Honey Comb Embeds for Dessert Candle Creation: A Luxurious Blend of Nature’s Bounty and Artisan Craftsmanship

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Discover the alchemy of nature and artistry with our Honey Comb Embeds, your key to crafting dessert candles that are as nourishing for the soul as they are pleasing to the senses. Masterfully designed using our proprietary 6028 wax—a sublime blend of soy and paraffin meticulously optimized for silicone molds—these artisanal embeds come to life through a captivating scent blend of oats and honey.

Ideal for both fledgling artisans and skilled crafters, these honeycomb-shaped treasures are not mere ingredients; they are an invitation into a sensorial voyage, one where each whiff and each glow echoes the comforting embrace of nature and home.

Sizes and Yield

    • 3 oz Sample: Ideal for crafting a small candle that encapsulates the sweet and tart essence of a ripe apple orchard.

    • 1 lb Bag: Suitable for creating 6-8 candles that bring forth the fragrant whispers of fresh apples.

    • 2 lb Bag: Perfect for enthusiasts and hobbyists, this size can yield 12-16 candles resonating with the vibrant tunes of an apple orchard.

    • 3 lb Bag: Your artisanal partner for vibrant farmers' markets or cozy boutique inventories, capable of yielding 20 candles that sing the fragrant hymns of harvest time.

    • 5 lb Bag: Designed for the master craftsman with an ambitious scope, this size allows the creation of 35 robust, apple-scented candles that tell a story with each flame.

Key Features

  • Signature 6028 Wax: A harmonious soy and paraffin blend, skillfully formulated for impeccable molding.

  • Naturally Aromatic: Infused with the rich, wholesome fragrances of oats and honey, capturing the essence of earthly delights.

  • Crafting at Scale: The perfect addition to your artistic arsenal, designed for bulk crafting without sacrificing a touch of artistry or quality.

  • Speedy Shipping: We value your time and inspiration, offering rapid shipping on all orders to keep your creative juices flowing.

Why Choose Our Honey Comb Embeds?

Our Honey Comb Embeds represent more than just another product; they are an extension of a philosophy that values resilience, innovation, and the pure magic of sensory experiences. When you incorporate these embeds into your creations, you infuse them with a story that is both personal and universal, transforming each candle into a vessel of memories, emotions, and the tranquil beauty of nature.

Embrace the organic allure of our Honey Comb Embeds and allow your candle-making artistry to bloom into an even more evocative sensory masterpiece.

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