Kosmic Krumble Base - Medium Green - DIY Embeds For Candle Making

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Kosmic Krumble Base Made by Bluff City Handcrafted in collaboration with The Candle Chef.With Bluff City Handcrafted Kosmic Krumble Bases you can go wild. The Possibilities are nearly endless. Create your own custom color combos. They are available in a variety of fragrances and colors to accommodate all creative minds. The days of getting close to what you want are over. Get the Kosmic Krumble Base colors you want and go crazy with it. Disclaimer - Kosmic Krumble is sold by wax weight not container size. Kosmic Krumble is a 100% paraffin wax based product. Fragrance load is kept at 8% to work with a variety of candlemakers needs.  Each batch has a mixture of various sizes 1/16" - 1/4" crumbles. Every attempt is made to show you the type of product you are ordering with pictures of size, shape and color. This is a handmade product and while they will be similar, no two batches will be identical in mixture. 

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