Ebook - Model and Silicone Mold Crafting

The Candle Chef

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In this video I will be demonstrating how to make various kinds of models and silicone molds for crafting any food item into wax. 


Video Agenda: 

  • Explaining the different types of products and materials you can use for model and mold crafting
    • Professional grade Tin & Platinum Cured Silicone
    • Epoxy Resin and Plaster
    • Clays and Putties
    • Suppliers and where to get the products
    • Navigating through product information specs and break down
  • Live Demonstration on how to make the models and silicone molds
    • I will be demonstrating how to make a silicone mold for 3 different types 
      • Small Flat  - fruit embeds
      • Bowl  - Pie Crusts
      • Free Standing - Cupcakes
    • Tips and Tricks to reducing your cost, minimizing the amount of silicone you use, maximizing the number of molds you can make
    • I will also be demonstrating how to do temporary molds with materials other then silicone. 
  • Enjoy! AJ The Candle Chef