Artisan Candle - Key lime Pie

Artisan Candle - Key lime Pie

The Candle Chef

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Discover the tangy rich aroma of this gorgeous realistic 6 inch key lime pie that has 4 wicks, a beautiful crumble crust, a decadent whipped cream topping and is  garnished with a single lime. So realistic it will fool many, but you cannot eat it!

Wonderful for a unique gift, or for eye catching counter décor or to just treat yourself with this beautiful realistic artisan key lime pie. 


Handmade by The Candle Chef. Artisan Pie Candle for either display or burning. 

Scented and artistically made to look and smell like the real thing. 

Non Edible, everything is made out of wax

Use wax catching plates under all food candles to prevent wax spillage

Fragrance: Key Lime Pie

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