Pre-Order The Candle Chef Recipe Book - March 1st

Pre-Order The Candle Chef Recipe Book - March 1st

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Books will be printed late February for a March 1st release date. 

Early Pre-Order Price: $45

Regular Price after March 1st - $55

This Dessert Candle Recipe book will have detailed instructional recipes on how to make 100 dessert candles that I have made in the past and new creations. 

Recipes include Vessels, Wicks, Waxes, Dyes, Fragrances, silicone molds, and detailed instructions. 

Example recipes: 

Pie Candles

 - Open crimped crust

 - Lattice 

 - Whipped Pies

 - Displays

 - Various kinds and sizes

Drink Candles

 - Soy daquiri drinks with whipped toppings 

 - Fruit decorations

 - Gel bar drinks

 - Fusion soy and gel tropical drinks

 - Ice Coffees

 - Coffee drinks

 - Milk Shakes

Bakery Candles

 - Cinnamon buns

 - Brownie delights

 - Breads

 - Mini Cakes

Cupcake Candles

 - Single mold cupcakes with various coloring

Sundaes and Desserts

 - Banana Splits

 - Brownie Delights

 - Ice Creams

 - Whipped Fruit Bowls

 - Sundaes

 And more!








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