Ultimate Candle Makers Candle Kit

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This is not your average kit!  Everything you need to start creating candles is included with this kit along with step by step video tutorials.

As a leader in the candle maker community I wanted to create a kit that will make you fall in love with candle making.  This kit is perfect for the maker that would like to try out and test multiple waxes to figure out which ones work for their ideal candle.  

Each kit contains enough materials to make a total of 12 candles (3 candles of each scent).

Supplies Included:

4 different waxes
•Sozo Luxe Soy
•Container blend (soy,coconut and beeswax)
•Sozo Luxe Soy-Blend
•Coconut Apricot Blend

•4 different types of wicks

•5 Fragrance Oils
• Wick Stickers
•12- 8 oz Jars
• 1Lb Pouring Pitcher
• Wick Holders


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