TCCA 10 - Training Course - Cost and Pricing

TCCA 10 - Training Course - Cost and Pricing

The Candle Chef

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In this E-book I will show you everything I do for calculating your cost and pricing of your candles.  


Chapter 1

Cost Analysis : Figuring up all your costs for each and every candle can be daunting for a food candle artist. Here I show a formula to calculate all costs in a template that you can edit for each candle you create. Excel knowledge is a must to use my formulas, but not needed if you manually calculate. 

Chapter 2

Retail Pricing : I will show you the various aspects of pricing your products based on your cost analysis / overhead / and labor

Chapter 3

Wholesale Pricing : When setting up wholesale accounts I will show you some tips on deciding whether you want your label or theirs. And how to calculate your wholesale accounts vs your retail accounts

Chapter 4

Pop up Shops and Markets : There are various variables to consider when selling local. I will go into all the different preferences and dos and donts when calculating your pricing at local markets.  

Chapter 5

Supply and Demand: Supply and demand will directly effect your customer return rate / your labor / and pricing

Chapter 6

Sales and Promotions: I will show you some tips and tricks as to when to do promotions and how much to discount. 

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