TCCA 11 - Training Course - Packing and Shipping

TCCA 11 - Training Course - Packing and Shipping

The Candle Chef

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In this E-book I will show you various ways you can pack your candles for shipping and create your shipping profiles


Chapter 1

Curing your Candles : I will show you how to fit curing times into your shipping process

Chapter 2

Suppliers and cost : Boxes / Bubble wrap / Peanuts / Ice packs / are just some examples of the many many different shipping supplies you can use. Here I will show you how to reduce your cost on shipping, which suppliers to go with and how much to spend and then working into your cost analysis

Chapter 3

Packing : With so many shapes and sizes for dessert and drink candles I show you the various ways to pack your products and tips and tricks on how to avoid those dreaded calls from customers stating there shipment was damaged. 

Chapter 4

Shipping profiles : Setting up shipping profiles on your selling platform is pretty complicated. I will show you some tips and tricks to use and which websites make this task very easy

Chapter 5

Setting Shipping Days: Pros and Cons to setting shipping days

Chapter 6

Overall Shipping information: If there is anything I missed I will cover it in this chapter

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