TCCA 12 - Training Course - Business

TCCA 12 - Training Course - Business

The Candle Chef

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In this E-book I will let you know what is needed to start up your own business whether you are just doing as a hobby, local markets, popup shops, online retail, wholesaling ect. 


Chapter 1

Corporations : Based on your needs and income you will want to decide what type of corporations you would like to become. There are pros and cons to the various kinds lf LLC

Chapter 2

Insurance : I will inform you of the different kinds of insurance you can get, when to get it, and the pros and cons

Chapter 3

Trademarking : Once you have your branding and set product line you might want to take measures to trademark your brand and or products. I will demonstrate how to do that. I will also go over logos and branding to get your unique vision out there.

Chapter 4

Copywrite : Some of the candles that you do may be super unique and artistic and eligible for a copywrite. I will show you the steps on how to go about getting your artwork copyrighted 

Chapter 5

Full Time Job: Knowing when to go full time making candles can be tricky and there are a lot of variables to consider. I will go over some of those to help you decide when you want to go full time.

Chapter 6

Business Plan: One of the most important things to do is have a vision of where you are going, what you like about the business and then put everything on paper to have stepping stones and determine if there is profitability in what you are doing. 

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