Video - 3 of 12 TCCA Training Course - Cupcakes & Piping

The Candle Chef

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Video Release Date: February 28th 2021


In this class and video I will be showing how to make beautiful cupcakes, Wax melts, how to pipe wax and make awesome dollops to save for later, and some tips and tricks on pricing candles and selling platforms. 

Supplies : See Course 1

Cupcake Molds : There are multiple ways you can make your cupcakes and with various techniques for coloring. I will show you several different ways you can easily make your cupcakes with molds or pipe your own cupcakes. 

Piping Wax : Piping can be very difficult if you dont know a couple key points on how to create. I go over bagging, tipping, techniques, tips and tricks for all your piping needs whether it be for cupcakes or any other dessert candle you can put whipped cream on. Piping skills really set your dessert candles apart from everyone else and if you master you can elevate your dessert candles to the best of the best. 

Wick Testing: Wick Testing is a must when it comes to candle making and is a daunting task if you dont know what to look for. Here I go over the different things to keep in mind when Wick Testing. 

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