Video 8 of 12 TCCA Training Course - Taking Photos and Packaging

The Candle Chef

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Video Release Date: February 28th 2021

In this E-book I will show you everything I do for presentation and packaging. 


Chapter 1

Creating your own Lightbox : There are several things you can do to make your own custom lightbox. Here I show you how to set up a beautiful lightbox to get that perfect lighting for your candle creation

Chapter 2

Backgrounds : I will show you several options to get different backgrounds, textures, looks and presentation ideas

Chapter 3

Props : You can make your own props or get some, I will demonstrate some of the props that I use in my photos

Chapter 4

Lighting : There are multiple lighting effects that you can replicate by using different light sources. I will show you some of the ones that I use and give you ideas on different lighting and the effects

Chapter 5

Packaging: Packaging and presentation is essential to be able to sell your product and get the likes and loves on your listings. I will show you what companies have the best packaging and some ideas on different ways you can package your dessert and drink candles. 

Chapter 6

Digital Photoshop: I will demonstrate the various file types and photo touchups you can perform to enhance your photos when your uploading to social media and your selling platforms.

Questions about enrollment: E-mail AJ The Candle Chef -