TCCA 7 - Training Course - Signature Pies

The Candle Chef

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This is a very special class for me because it is how I got started. Over the years I have perfected and keep improving the pie making process. I absolutely love how many things you can do with all these candles and the creativity is literally limitless so you can truly find ways to make each one of your pie candles unique and special. 


Supplies and Molds : I will cover the various companies I order from, and the supplies needed to make 3  & 5 inch, and custom size Pie Candles 

Embeds and Prep : Here I will show you how to prep and make embeds and crusts for the various types of pies I make, Also for a special bonus I will show you how to paint your crusts to look like real baked crusts!

3 and 5" Pies : Cobblers / Lattice / Open Crimped / Ala Mode are all types of pies that I will be demonstrating

Custom and Artisan : Here I will show you a little how to do custom sizes and larger pies. 

Wick Testing: Wick Testing is a must when it comes to candle making and is a daunting task if you dont know what to look for. Here I go over the different things to keep in mind when Wick Testing. 

Questions about enrollment: E-mail AJ The Candle Chef -