10/1/20 - Sold Out

Posted by andrew delacroix on

I never imagined every having the problem of not being able to make enough candles and silicone molds to fill orders. I am blessed to have this situation and am seriously looking at training and hiring more people to fill orders. I am currently looking to get an investor to help me expand and have capital so that I can have a payroll and training program. The process is slow so until I get more able people to help it is just me filling orders. I have made it to where I dont have to close shop any more with keeping better track of inventory and available supplies, so after I get this backlog of orders complete thing will definately run more smoothly. If you are looking for products and cannot find it is because I do not currently have any and I have stopped custom orders until the backlog is caught up. Thank you guys soooo much for all the love and support and orders, you are enabling an artist to live his dream and help other candle makers live theirs as well through The Candle Chef Academy. If you have candle supplies, and are very adept in candle making especially in the food candle industry, please give me a shout out for consideration of contract work.

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