• Dessert Candle School

    "Unearth your creative potential at The Dessert Candle School, where the art of dessert candle making is meticulously taught. With an array of over 50 expert-led classes, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Here, creativity meets craftsmanship in an inspiring and supportive setting. Embark on your candle crafting journey with us. Register here and let your artistic journey commence."

    Dessert Candle School 
  • The Facebook Community

    "Discover the power of collective creativity in our Facebook group, 'The Candle Chef Academy'. This vibrant community of 10,000+ members is a hub of inspiration, support, and shared wisdom in the field of dessert candle crafting. From beginners to master artisans, all find a place in this encouraging environment. Join our Facebook community and immerse yourself in the craft, camaraderie, and shared passion for candle making."

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  • Jacksonville Market

    "Experience the enchanting allure of AJ The Candle Chef's artisan creations at our dedicated booth in the bustling Beach Boulevard Flea Market, situated at 11041 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246. Locals can savor the opportunity to witness firsthand our exclusive collection of meticulously handcrafted dessert candles, radiating warmth and artistry. Turn your ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens with our locally celebrated, fragrant masterpieces."

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Dessert Candle School

"Dive into the world of dessert candle creation at The Dessert Candle School, a premier platform offering comprehensive lessons in crafting realistic, exquisite, and delightful dessert candles. Led by industry veterans, our school promises an immersive learning experience in the art of candle making, bringing the dreamy allure of dessert candles right into your hands. Craft your own visual and sensory masterpiece and ignite your creative spirit. Discover your candle-making prowess with us. Learn More!"

"Artistry. Novelty. Luxury."

Welcome to The Candle Chef, the home of luxurious, artistically designed dessert candles. As a recognized authority in the candle industry, we pride ourselves on pioneering hyper-realistic dessert candles that double as visual and aromatic masterpieces. Each piece is skillfully designed with our silicone molds, and hand-painted to achieve an unmatched level of realism. Regarded as industry leaders, we also provide education through The Dessert Candle School, spreading the joy of this craft to thousands. Experience the sweet glow of luxury with The Candle Chef.