Auction recap

Auction recap


Hello! I will be finishing up the invoices and shipping today for the 3 day Auction event. If you have any questions please feel free to message me at 


Cookie - Shipped

Autumn - Mold ready, on hold for tonight

Nikki - Shipped

Sabrina - Mega Mold Shipped

Constancia - Shipped

Victor - Shipped

Katrina - Shipped

Tosha - Shipped

Marnie - Shipping Today

Felina - shipped

Snead - Shipping today

Gisela - Canceled

Angie - Shipped

Marcy - Shipped

Autumn - Shipping today

Domonique - Awaiting payment

RACHELL - Shipped

Tamikia - Invoicing today

Edward - Shipped

Sabrina - Invoicing today






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Hello Aj do you have any waffle mold left or slice banana mold want to make a banana pudding I seen on your site I stop doing them for a while but I’m ready to get back at it


Hi Aj chef, Hope all is well i don’t know what you going through but don’t give up we all get overwhelmed with a lot of things just keep moving forward and focus on what need to be done. You have a bless wonderful day.


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