Last Class :(

Posted by andrew delacroix on

Today was my last class for a while, I will miss the group of people that consistently showed up every class. You gals were such a fun group and I couldnt help but get off topic all the time and have fun with you guys. I really do hope you learned a lot this month and will apply that to excel your hobby and or business to really take it to the next level and push your limits to think outside the box. On a good note, the VIP Club access and mini how to videos will be coming out  starting in October, super stoked about getting some really nice quality videos and new and exciting candles. 

I am still behind on orders but slowly catching up and having 4 classes in 5 days slowed me down a lot but I have time now and have hired Edward Myers as a Candle Chef so I have help now and will get caught up pretty fast so I can start stocking up and listing new candles in the shop. Thank you everyone again! AJ the Candle Chef

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