The Candle Chef Bakery Progress

Posted by andrew delacroix on

Progress on The Candle Chef Bakery!
- Custom built Candle Making Bar I am building is coming along
- My first Artisan Wax Art Piece done
- Starting on signature pie crust container candles under way
- Couple pictures and Art pieces for the Gallery finished
- Fire Marshal report and planning department almost up to code
- Now open signs and window decals ordered
- Chef coats and marketing material ordered
- Insurance for brick and mortar under way
- Collaborations and wholesale accounts in the works
- Silicone Mold station for Moe The Silicone Chef almost complete
- Soft open scheduled for next Monday god willing.
Thank you everyone for the kind words, motivation, and encouragement! I really couldnt have done this without you guys..
Here are some pictures of some things I am working on for the art gallery :) <3 AJ The Candle Chef

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