The Feels

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That feeling you get when you make food candles, and there is a crowd in front of your booth staring with their mouths open calling their friends, and buying you out. For a moment time just slowed down in slow motion and had to ask myself is this really happening? Are they really this excited about something I created? My whole life I sold things for other people products I didnt like or didnt believe in. And now to have that kind of reaction, to something that I poured all my energy and love and care and passion into, just makes my heart big. I love what I do. I love waking up in the morning and turning on the stoves, and prepping for the day, and going through my orders, and thinking about the science behind the candle and turning it into an original creation. I love teaching it, and helping other candle makers do what I do cause I know once they get that reaction from a crowd around their booth for the first time they will feel what I feel. I am not only blessed that I get this feeling every single day, I am blessed that I give it to other people as well. I cant ask for anything else. Thank you lord for all you do. AJ The Candle Chef

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