Apply to become a Sponsored Candle Chef

Email AJ The Candle Chef for consideration and include the following:

AJ The Candle Chef



1. Full name and address

2. Name you would like for your Boutique on The Candle Chef Website

3. Marketing pictures of your candles - Only accepting high quality candles with professional looking photos. Must be Desserts / Drinks / or Food related

4. No product that imitates The Candle Chef products will be accepted

5. Prices of your candles - Keep in mind the Store wide discounts of 20% above $35 orders, and include shipping in your product prices. The Candle Chef will take a 10% fee once sold so consider adding that to your prices as well. 

6. Once you have sold a candle on The Candle Chef will send you the order, and send you the proceeds once you have a Shipping Tracking number for the order.