Cupcake Piping and Tart Class Info and Supply List


Class Details: I will be making all sorts of different cupcakes. Classic, Tarts, Frosted Tips, Cupcakes in molds, Hand Piped Cupcakes. If you would like to follow along you will need the supplies below.

Classes will be held online in Zoom on the following dates and times:

8/8  8/9  8/29  8/30

2pm - 6pm EST

 Registration - $25

Optional Embeds - $8

Shipping - Calculated at checkout

Class Registration: Register Here

As soon as you are registered, I will email you the Zoom Online Meeting ID for the date that you requested. You can ask any questions you like my email is


If you are wanting to follow along and make the cupcakes as I make them, you will need the following:

The suppliers I go with are the following

Flaming Candle 6006 / Candlewic wicks and gel wax/ CandleScience wax and wicks / soy wax / Hobby Lobby paraffin / Michael’s premium paraffin piping supplies/ Ebay zinc wicks paraffin / Aztec Fragrances


Soy Wax: 444 / 446 / C3 / C6

Parasoy: IGI 6006

100% Paraffin: 4625 / Hobby Lobby General Purpose Paraffin

Premium Blended Paraffin: Michael’s 9 lbs Paraffin Wax

You will need at least 4 lbs of each



Buttercream / Chocolate / Your Choices



Eco 2 – CandleScience

Zinc Core Wick – 51-34-18

Dye: New Brown, Black, Cream, * I really like the "New Brown" look for chocolate. 


Silicone Molds:

Piping Supplies – Hobby lobby 40% off or Michael’s 20% off

  • Piping Bags – can be silicone or plastic
  • Piping Tips – Do not get the sets, get individual Large Star tips M1 Open Star is the Tip that I use. I also use closed star. If you like the other styles you can get and practice.
  • Hand Mixer – Amazon - Hand Mixer from Amazon
  • Rubber Bands
  • 3x3x10 box or container to put the bag into while you put icing in
  • At least 2 Large pouring/Melting pots