Cake Class Supply List

Date 9/25/20
Times: 2pm est - 6pm est
Silicone Mold: Cake Layer Silicone Mold: * Not included in kit

Amazon: Turntable: 


Wax: at least 5 lbs of unrefined Paraffin, 4 lb of refined paraffin, 2 lb of 6006, 2lb of 444 or soy wax of your choice. you will have left over wax.
1. Unrefined Paraffin wax from Hobby lobby, ebay, candlescience (4625) ect
2. Refined Paraffin from Michaels
1. Block Dye - color depends on your fragrance and decor choice
Decorations: Sugar based small flower or other hard cake decoration you like at michaels or hobby lobby. 
1. At least 2 4 lb pouring/melting pitchers
2. A small metal pouring container
3. Cake Plate or stand
1. Wick Cutters - i use small wire cutters
2. Needle nose Pliers
3. Wooden Skewers
4. Rubbing Alcohol and Paper towels
5. Fork
6. Wax Paper
7. Putty knife
8. Pocket knife
7. 2 white poster boards and a nice light for photos I have a 3 light lamp with led strip