Cheesecake Class Supply List

Date 9/18/20
Times: 2pm est - 6pm est
Silicone Mold: Included in kit : 
Silicone Mold: Cheesecake
Width: 7 inches
Hight: 2.25
Weight: 31 oz (2 lbs) of silicone used
Wax: at least 3 lbs of Paraffin, 1 lb of Gel Wax, you will have left over wax.
1. Unrefined Paraffin wax from Hobby lobby, ebay, candlescience (4625) ect
2. Gel wax - Prefer high density but low and medium is ok to use. I use medium from candlewic can also get low from michaels and hobby lobby
1. Block Dye - color depends on your fragrance choice
1. At least 2 4 lb pouring/melting pitchers
2. A small metal pouring container
3. Glass plate with lip 8 inches
4. A couple Tupperware storage containers for the left over gel wax 
1. Wick Cutters - i use small wire cutters
2. Needle nose Pliers
3. Wooden Skewers
4. Rubbing Alcohol and Paper towels
5. Fork
6. Wax Paper
7. Putty knife
8. Pocket knife
7. 2 white poster boards and a nice light for photos I have a 3 light lamp with led strip