Creative Candle Contest

Welcome to the Celebration of 8000 Members of 

The Candle Chef Academy Facebook Group!

To kick off the celebration I will be hosting a

Creative Candle Contest

sponsored by Sozo Essentials!

Winner Prizes:

$50 Coupon for The Candle Chef Embeds

$50 Coupon for Sozo Essential Candle Supplies

Its Time! To Announce the winner of the Creative Candle Contest
Sponsored by The Candle Chef, and Sozo Essentials
Attached is the winning submission and the 4 runner ups!
Winning Entry: Maria Mandavi Schingeck
Maria submitted the ultra cute duck and bunny cupcakes with beautiful piping and made them look like they were in grass and even had a couple Easter eggs in them.
Super proud of you Maria, and you will receive a $50 discount code for embeds from The Candle Chef,
and a $50 discount code from Sozo Essentials Wholesale for candle supplies.
Thank you everyone that entered, they all were beautiful and was a super close contest.
I will be having another contest at 9000 members of The Candle Chef Academy! So keep an eye out!
The results are in, the entries were judged on the categories below:
1. Overall creativeness - 50 pts
2. Sharpness of details - 20 pts
3. Originality - 50 pts
4. Clarity and quality of picture and photo editing 30 pts
5. Wax textures - 20 pts
6. Realistic coloring - 20 pts
7. Wick placements - 20 pts
8. Practicality - 30 pts
9. Labeling - 10 pts
10. Branding and imaging - 40 pts
11. Ship ability - 40 pts
The top 5 Entry Point Values:
Entry 9 276
Entry 14 272
Entry 11 270
Entry 13 261
Entry 1 260