Soy and Gel Drink Class info and supply list

Dates: 8/21, 8/28

Times: 2pm est - 6pm est

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Fragrances – Mango Paradise / Coconut / Fruit Slices – Any tropical drink fragrances you like, any coffee fragrances you like

Gel Wax – Medium Density preferred, economy – can go low density – quality can go high density 1 gallon

Soy Wax – at least 4 lbs This is tricky, 444 C3 doesn’t pull away from glass but has frosting, and 6006 no frosting but pulls away from glass. I prefer 6006 / Hobby Lobby / Michael’s

Dyes – Liquid Red / Blue / Orange / light green

Block Dye - Red Blue Yellow Brown Black Green Orange Purple

Embeds – Ice Cream scoops / Whipped Cream Dollop / Pineapple / Cherry / Strawberry / Peaches / Dehydrated Fruit Slices. *I offer these at discount prices at registration. 

 Amounts vary on how many drinks you want to make, if you plan on making a lot bump the embed order up to 1lb for each of these instead of the 8oz

Wooden Skewers and Umbrellas: Amazon

Cinnamon Sticks / Cinnamon / Nutmeg

Wicks: Eco 2 / Zinc Core 51/32/18