9/25/20 - The Candle Cake Boss

9/25/20 - The Candle Cake Boss

Had class today! Made 4 mini cakes today.

1. Chocolate brownie : Bottom layer chocolate crumble, Chocolate fudge cake middle, decorated with chocolate piped roses and chocolate bars with a little crumble on top. 

2. Blueberry Cobbler : Blueberry Crumble with a white cream to hold it together with blueberries and crumble on top.

3. Peaches and Cream : Peach crumble with a white cream to give it that peachesncream look. 3 Realistic painted peaches on top with a dab of crumple to top it off. Scented with buttercream and Georgia Peach

4. Tropical Mango Paradise cream cake : Mango crumble with buttercream to hold it together, blackberries, bananas, 2 realistic peaches, and a black cherry on top. Scented with one of my favorite tropical scents - Mango Paradise

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