About Us

So often I am asked, "How did you get into making candles?" 
I have always wanted to get into arts and crafts.  Creating something that is artistic is a great expression, so I tried out making ear rings with paper.  I never connected with it on a level that fueled my passion for creating.  After talking with my sister she suggested  i try candles.  I purchased a  kit and started doing container candles.
I really enjoyed the process of creating, and so started selling on Etsy. And then started selling on Etsy. One day while scrolling, I saw a person selling food candles.  I was intrigued and reached out and asked if the person would be willing to share how they made them.  They responded they were not interested in sharing their secrets.  This made me determined to not only make them, but I decided then, and there I would not be the type of seller who held back all the knowledge.  I was going to do something that brought me joy, all while being able to help and teach others to do the same. 
The obvious reasons are competition, but then I started studying the market and where customers came from, and market sharing, and came to the conclusion that no matter how big you are, there is always people out there that enjoy choosing a brand rather than only buying from 1 person with a monopoly. Figuring out that there is more then enough business out there for everyone, I started teaching myself how to make dessert candles and then selling them at local Flea Markets. People were so amazed at the creations that energy just fueled me to keep going and getting better and better.
Some facts about Me:
  • Was about 3 years ago when I started making candles 2 years ago when I decided food candles is my home.
  • The best feeling in the world, and the single best moment in my life: I was at my flea market, and someone did a double take at my pies and came over and expressed their amazement. My eyes lit up and I had a smile from ear to ear, explaining how I did each candles and then more people gathered. They started taking pictures, and gasping, and calling people on the phone to tell them about the candles and asking them what do they want. I must have had 15 people gathered taking pictures grabbing up their candles they wanted and I sold out within an hour and had people begging me to get more or ask where can they get them.
  • I love food art and aroma therapy, and I put them all together and people started calling me The Candle Chef guy at the market, so it just stuck.
  • I had so many people request how I did all my candles that I decided last Sept to do some trial classes to see if people would like to learn. Had such an overwhelming loving response out of my first students that I decided to dedicate The Candle Chef Academy and help people the way I wanted to in the beginning when that person didn’t want to share their secrets.
  • Everything has literally bloomed and blossomed in such an amazing community and comradery and I am so grateful for everything.  I have really big plans to not only start my own Candle Bakery, but to pay it forward and franchise out and allow other people to experience the same joy and success that I am blessed with . 

Much Love,

AJ - the Candle Chef