Sozo Essentials Candle Supplies

Sozo Essentials Wholesale has  partnered with AJ The Candle Chef to bring you specialty candle supplies created specifically around food candles.  The Candle Chef approved supplies are going to help bring your creations to life in an amazing way.



  Hi, my name is Shauna Klein, and I am the owner of Sozo Essentials Wholesale.  We have curated candle supplies with the Food Candle Maker in mind.

Our Fragrance Oils and Colorants have been formulated to bring you the very best results and presentation.

Whether you are a brand new maker or a veteran you are sure to find our high quality products just what you are looking for.

We are adding new products to our listing weekly so make sure to check back weekly.  We will have Kits to accompany the Candle Chef courses as well as stand alone products. you can replenish your stock with.

 Sozo Essentials Wholesale Supplies


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Sozo Essentials Wholesale Supplies