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Silicone Mold - Bing Cherry - 8 / 16 Cavity

Silicone Mold - Bing Cherry - 8 / 16 Cavity

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Infuse your space with the delicate essence of Bing cherries and the touch of expert craftsmanship. Introducing our meticulously designed Bing Cherry Silicone Molds, available in two remarkable variations. Crafted with an artisan's touch, these molds resonate with the quality, flexibility, and creativity inherent to The Candle Chef LLC.

Small Mold - 8 Cavity Bing Cherry: Embrace the fascinating world of candle-making with this 8/16-cavity Bing Cherry Mold. Created with high-quality silicone, this mold invites you to explore perfection.

  • High Quality Silicone: Durability meets elegance in this beautiful marriage of strength and softness.
  • Super Flexible: Crafted to adapt to your needs, promising an effortless experience.
  • Easy to Get Out: A seamless crafting process awaits, each cherry easily released and perfectly shaped.
  • Score 10 on the Shore Softness Chart: Experience the pinnacle of softness, a reflection of unmatched quality.
  • Produces 8 Large Bing Cherries: Each cavity is shaped to encapsulate the natural allure of Bing cherries.
  • Suggested Wax: 6028 Paraffin Soy Blend, for a flawless blend of aesthetics and performance.
  • Recommended Dyes: 50% Red, 50% Cranberry dyes from Sozo Essentials, crafted to breathe life into your cherries.

Large Mold - 16 Cavity Bing Cherry: Explore a grand sensory journey with our 18-cavity Bing Cherry Mold, a testament to innovation and artistry.

  • High Quality Silicone: A blend of enduring quality and The Candle Chef's promise of excellence.
  • Super Flexible: Ease and perfection in every cherry, adapting to your every move.
  • Easy to Get Out: Unveiling your cherries becomes a joyful breeze.
  • Score 10 on the Shore Softness Chart: Luxury softness, tailored for passionate candle artists.
  • Produces 18 Large Bing Cherries: A double delight of elegance and creativity in each cavity.
  • Suggested Wax: 6028 Paraffin Soy Blend, harmonizing with the mold's unique attributes.
  • Recommended Dyes: 50% Red, 50% Cranberry dyes from Sozo Essentials, enhancing the richness of your creations.

Illuminate Your World with The Candle Chef LLC Choose the size that fits your artistic vision and embark on a mesmerizing journey of fragrance, shape, and sensation. Our Bing Cherry Silicone Molds are more than just tools; they are an invitation to create sensory masterpieces, reminiscent of delectable desserts, and a reflection of your unique artistry.

Embrace the magic. Place your order today and join us in the noble art of candle crafting, a journey adorned with the hues of Sozo Essentials' dyes.



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