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The Candle Chef

Candle Tins / 24 Case Wholesale / 8 oz. Odor Eating / Free Shipping

Candle Tins / 24 Case Wholesale / 8 oz. Odor Eating / Free Shipping

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Wholesale Artisan Dessert Tin Candles by The Candle Chef LLC

Important Updates:

  • Brand-Exclusive Labeling: We have discontinued our white label service. All candles will now feature The Candle Chef labels as part of our branding enhancement.
  • Made to Order: All wholesale orders are now custom made with a 3-week lead time for production and delivery, due to high demand.

Savor the Aroma of Sweet Indulgence - Bulk Purchase

Experience the essence of gourmet desserts transformed into exquisite aromatic experiences with our artisan dessert tin candles, exclusively crafted by The Candle Chef LLC. This wholesale offering includes 24 tin candles, each designed to fill any space with the allure of a confectionery paradise.


  • Pack Quantity: Delight in a wholesale pack of 24 tin candles, ideal for enhancing retail displays or enriching special events.
  • Complimentary Shipping: Enjoy the enchantment of our candles accompanied by the convenience of free delivery to your doorstep, available across the continental USA.
  • Dessert-Inspired Aromas: Each candle is a homage to the art of pastry-making, with fragrances ranging from the buttery essence of freshly baked cookies to the vibrant zest of summer fruit tarts.
  • The Candle Chef Branding: Embrace the redefined identity of The Candle Chef LLC. All candles now feature our distinct branding, supporting our focus on enhancing recognition and fostering customer loyalty.

Elevate Your Inventory with Stories and Sensations

The Candle Chef LLC is dedicated to more than just candle-making; we're narrators of tales woven through scents. Each tin candle carries a story of perseverance and innovation, poised to resonate in the spaces they brighten.

Wholesale Details:

  • Wholesale Price: $188 per pack of 24 tin candles, approximately $7 per candle.
  • Suggested Retail Price: Each tin candle is suggested to retail at $14, offering your clientele a touch of luxury through our meticulously crafted scents.

Engage with The Candle Chef Experience

Introduce your customers to the rich narrative and sensory journey of The Candle Chef LLC. Each candle not only lights up a room but also ignites inspiration, warmth, and delightful aromas, making every space a testament to artisanal mastery.

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