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Cereal Embeds - Cinnamon Toast

Cereal Embeds - Cinnamon Toast

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embeds for Dessert Candle Creation: A Symphony of Aroma, Texture, and Authenticity

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Indulge in the sumptuous world of dessert candle-making with our Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embeds, a sensory-rich experience that takes you straight to Sunday mornings and family breakfasts. Carefully crafted using our signature 6028 wax blend—a meticulous balance of soy and paraffin tailored for silicone molds—these artisanal embeds are infused with real ground cinnamon. The result? An irresistible, authentic fragrance that's both non-toxic and safe.

Perfect for both burgeoning artists and masterful artisans, these delectable embeds serve as more than just a crafting component—they are an odyssey of scent and emotion. Each fragrant piece elevates your creative process, turning your crafting table into a sensory tableau where artistry marries science and stories take form through scent.

Sizes and Yield

  • 3 oz Sample: Ideal for crafting a small candle that encapsulates the sweet and tart essence of a ripe apple orchard.

  • 1 lb Bag: Suitable for creating 6-8 candles that bring forth the fragrant whispers of fresh apples.

  • 2 lb Bag: Perfect for enthusiasts and hobbyists, this size can yield 12-16 candles resonating with the vibrant tunes of an apple orchard.

  • 3 lb Bag: Your artisanal partner for vibrant farmers' markets or cozy boutique inventories, capable of yielding 20 candles that sing the fragrant hymns of harvest time.

  • 5 lb Bag: Designed for the master craftsman with an ambitious scope, this size allows the creation of 35 robust, apple-scented candles that tell a story with each flame.

Key Features

  • Signature 6028 Wax: Our specially blended soy and paraffin wax designed for exquisite compatibility with silicone molds.

  • Authentic Aroma: Real ground cinnamon enriches the fragrance profile, delivering an extra layer of olfactory richness that is both safe and non-toxic.

  • Art Meets Efficiency: These embeds are the dream component for anyone keen on crafting large batches without a hint of compromise on quality.

  • Prompt Shipping: Because when inspiration strikes, time is of the essence. We guarantee rapid shipping on all orders.

Why Choose Our Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embeds?

Every product we offer is a testimony to a transformative journey from humble beginnings to becoming an industry benchmark for quality and innovation. These Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embeds are not just ingredients; they are sensory dialogues, chapters in a collective story where each candle becomes a piece of art that illuminates spaces with emotion, memory, and the promise of home.

Immerse yourself in the scintillating world of dessert candle-making. Choose Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embeds and let your craftsmanship shine, one remarkable scent at a time.

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