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Supplies / Dream Soy

Supplies / Dream Soy

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Pour Temp: 180F - 185F

Melting Point: ~128F

Fragrance: up to 9%

Store in a cool dry area, away from heat or sunlight


Single pour Pre-Blended, no additives required

Good jar adhesion

Accepts dye and colorants well

Bloom resistant

No jar pre-heating required

    Introducing Dream Soy, a meticulously crafted soy wax from The Candle Chef LLC, now available. Dream Soy represents the pinnacle of soy wax innovation, specifically designed for the unique demands of dessert candle making.

    Product Features:

    • Measuring: This wax comes in Pastille for easy measurements 
    • Composition: Dream Soy is a 100% soy wax blended with natural oils, ensuring an eco-friendly and natural product.
    • Fragrance Load: This wax can accommodate up to a 9% fragrance load, allowing for rich, lasting scents with no sweating.
    • High Oil Content: After extensive testing across various candle types, Dream Soy's high oil content has been optimized for dessert candles.
    • Consistency: Its unique formulation results in minimal frosting. When melted and poured at 185 degrees and cooled at an ambient temperature of 75-79 degrees, Dream Soy exhibits little to no frosting.
    • Stability: The wax is designed not to sweat under normal conditions and holds a maximum fragrance load of 9% without issue.
    • Whipping Quality: Ideal for whipped designs, it offers an extended cooldown time, ample piping time, and is re-whippable, accommodating creative flexibility.
    • Surface Finish: Dream Soy typically forms very smooth tops, eliminating the need for a second topper pour.
    • Scent Throw: Both cold and hot throws are exceptional, making for an aromatic experience.
    • Exclusivity: Available exclusively on The Candle Chef website.
    • Availability: Currently offered in the US, with plans to expand distribution to Canada.

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