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Drink Candle / Fusion Blue Hawaiian

Drink Candle / Fusion Blue Hawaiian

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Dive into the serenity of oceanic bliss with our newest sensory experience, the Blue Hawaiian Fusion candle. Crafted with a harmonious blend of soy and gel wax, this candle embodies the tranquility and depth of the sea. The gel wax ice cubes, resembling sparkling melted ice, float within and crown the candle, adding an element of the unexpected to its design.

With each light, the fusion wax swirls like gentle ocean waves, delivering a mesmerizing visual treat reminiscent of a tropical retreat. The steadfast wick ignites the same beloved fragrance, now infused through a captivating maritime display.

This Blue Hawaiian Fusion candle is more than a light; it's a voyage — one that carries you through a story of resilience, a journey through the depths, and a testament to the art of transformation. It's not just a candle; it's an aromatic anchor to shores of peace and dreams of the ocean's embrace.

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