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The Candle Chef

Cereal Candle / Fruit Loops

Cereal Candle / Fruit Loops

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Relive the sweet, lively mornings of your childhood with our charming Fruit Loops Candle. Meticulously crafted by AJ The Candle Chef, this candle brings to life the colorful, fun-filled cereal in a fresh new presentation.

Set in a sleek white stoneware ceramic bowl, this delightful candle features loose "Fruit Loops" and embeds made from a paraffin-soy blended wax, alongside playful decorations of two bananas and a strawberry. The base of the candle, filled with Dream Soy—a 100% soy wax known for its clean burn—ensures a long-lasting fragrance that transports you back to those carefree breakfast times.

Wrapped carefully in shrink wrap to preserve its quality and fragrance, this candle burns just like a normal candle, offering up to 80 hours of fruity scent to fill your space with warmth and nostalgia.

Although it may look temptingly edible with its vibrant colors and familiar shapes, this Fruit Loops Candle is crafted entirely from wax. It's a perfect statement piece for your home or a thoughtful gift that conjures up memories of simpler days. Enjoy the essence of nostalgia with every light of this exquisite, handcrafted candle.

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