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The Candle Chef

Cereal Candle / Fruit Loops

Cereal Candle / Fruit Loops

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Step back into the joyous mornings of childhood with our Fruit Loop Cereal Candle. Skillfully crafted by AJ The Candle Chef in Jacksonville, FL, this nostalgic candle mirrors the vibrant, whimsical cereal we all remember, rendered in exquisite detail.

Each "cereal" piece and "milk" portion are fashioned from 11 oz of a premium blend of Soy and Paraffin waxes, forming a visually delightful display and emitting a fruity scent that takes you back to your favorite breakfast moments. With a generous burn time of up to 80 hours, this candle will create a cozy, captivating ambiance in your space for many evenings to come.

Quality and safety are always at the forefront, and each candle undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring the wick provides the proper burn and flame. Remember, as appetizing as this Fruit Loop Cereal Candle appears, it's 100% wax and not for consumption.

A perfect conversation piece, this candle adds a touch of whimsy and fragrant charm to any room. Whether as a gift for the nostalgia-enthusiast or to spice up your own decor, this unique, handcrafted candle is sure to delight.

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