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The Candle Chef

Cereal Embeds

Cereal Embeds

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Cereal Embeds for Dessert Candle Creation: Craft Your Own Aromatic Masterpiece

Important Updates:

  • Made to Order: All orders are custom made with a 2-3 week lead time for production and delivery, due to high demand.


Unlock the secret to effortless dessert candle-making with our luxuriously fragrant Cereal Embeds. Specially crafted using our proprietary blend of 6028 wax—a symphony of soy and paraffin formulated for silicone molds—these embeds offer you an olfactory sojourn reminiscent of Saturday morning breakfasts, even before they’re melted into your creations.

Whether you’re a novice eager to delve into the aromatic world of candle-making or a seasoned artisan, these embeds serve as the building blocks for a sumptuous, sensory-rich experience. Transform your workspace into an alchemist's dream, where scents blend, stories merge, and masterpieces are born.


  • Classic Fruit Loop
  • New! Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Sizes and Yield

  • 3 oz Sample: Ideal for crafting a small candle that encapsulates the sweet and tart essence of your chosen cereal.
  • 1 lb Bag: Suitable for creating 6-8 candles that bring forth the fragrant whispers of your favorite morning treat.
  • 2 lb Bag: Perfect for enthusiasts and hobbyists, this size can yield 12-16 candles resonating with the vibrant tunes of your preferred cereal.
  • 3 lb Bag: Your artisanal partner for vibrant farmers' markets or cozy boutique inventories, capable of yielding 20 candles that sing the fragrant hymns of harvest time.
  • 5 lb Bag: Designed for the master craftsman with an ambitious scope, this size allows the creation of 35 robust, cereal-scented candles that tell a story with each flame.

Key Features

  • High-Quality 6028 Wax: A harmonious blend of soy and paraffin, optimized for impeccable performance with silicone molds.
  • Richly Fragrant: Each embed packs an aromatic punch, serving as a prelude to the sensory symphony your candles will offer.
  • Bulk Crafting Ease: Perfect for artisans who value both quality and efficiency, enabling you to craft mesmerizing candles in bulk.

Why Choose Our Cereal Embeds?

Our journey—from humble beginnings to the helm of The Candle Chef LLC—serves as testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality, artistry, and innovation. These cereal embeds are not merely ingredients; they are chapters in a story, yours and ours. Just as each of our candles illuminate spaces with emotions and memories, these cereal embeds offer you the chance to share pieces of your own heart, journey, and the promise of warmth and hope.

Step into the magical realm of sensory storytelling. Order your Cereal Embeds today and commence your voyage into the sublime world of dessert candle-making.

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