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The Candle Chef

Pie Candles / Lattice

Pie Candles / Lattice

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Indulge in the delightful allure of our Lattice Pie Candle, a testament to craftsmanship and the art of candle-making. Each candle is a hand-painted masterpiece, utilizing natural dyes to bring the vibrant, warm hues of a freshly-baked pie straight to your home. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect, from the crisscrossed lattice to the golden crust, is a feast for the eyes.

Encased in a charming bakery box and sealed with shrink wrap, this candle is a testament to quality and care. The protective wrapping ensures that the intricate details are preserved, just like a real pie fresh out of the oven. Unveiling this candle is an experience in itself, reminiscent of opening a box of gourmet pastries.

But the Lattice Pie Candle isn't just about looks. It boasts an impressive burn time of 40-50 hours, offering long-lasting ambiance and warmth. The candle's performance is as remarkable as its appearance, with an amazing cold and hot throw that fills your space with a delectable aroma, reminiscent of sweet, spiced fillings and buttery crust. Whether lit or not, this candle is a sensory journey.

Perfect as a decorative centerpiece or a thoughtful gift, the Lattice Pie Candle brings a touch of elegance and nostalgia to any setting. Its allure lies not just in its exquisite design but in the labor of love invested in each creation, reflecting the dedication and artistry of The Candle Chef LLC. Illuminate your home with this sensory-rich, dessert-like candle, and bask in the warm, inviting glow that tells a story of resilience, passion, and the sweet scent of success.

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