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The Candle Chef

Dessert Candle Business Guide Book

Dessert Candle Business Guide Book

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Each book will come printed in black and white and in a binder with cover. 

This is a 130 page book designed to help you start your Dessert Candle Business and to sell your beautiful creations at in person markets. 

I spend about 200 hours putting this book together giving you all the information you need to start your business, make dessert candles, and sell them on your selling platform or markets. 

Although it has a focus on in person markets, I also have tips on other online markets. 

What you can expect to learn from this book: 

Starting your dessert candle business

 - Tips on LLC / DBA

 - How to get your EIN Number

 - How to start your business checking account

 - Liability

Planning your product lines

 - Budgeting 

 - Candle Types

 - Finding your markets

 - Selling Platforms

 - Branding

Where to get your supplies

 - Setting up your work stations

 - Supplier resources

 - Supply list specifically for dessert candles 

 - Ordering for your candle types

Detailed step by step process on dessert candle techniques

 - Whipping Wax

 - Crumbles

 - Coloring

 - Fusions 

 - Silicone Molds

 - Painting Wax

 - Wick Testing


 - Specific recipes on suggestion candles


 - How to calculate your cogs

 - How to set your price point and markups 

 - Tips on pricing at markets

Setting up your market

 - What candles to make

 - Suggestions on product lines

 - Pictures of an actual market



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